Day one!

Today is the first day of my very exciting 365-day project- “A Watercolor a Day Keeps the Doctor Away”.

I will be completing (or at least trying to complete) a watercolor each day for the rest of the year. For quite a while I have been dying to try a 365 day project, and have recently decided that 2013 will be the year I do so. I like the idea of forcing myself to stop and take time out of my day–time to create something that has nothing to do with my ‘regular’ body of work. I chose watercolor as a medium because it is meditative for me (also because I had sort of abandoned it as you can read on my about page). When I paint with watercolors, everything slips away and I find my brush moving and creating things I didn’t know I wanted to make. This is such a precious experience, I cannot wait to see what happens when I take the time to do this each day. I think that this project will be beneficial to my mind, soul, and creativity. This is where the ‘keeps the doctor away’ comes into play.

I am thrilled to be sharing this project, and hope it inspires others as much as I know it will inspire me!

Watercolor on paper.
“Clementine”. Watercolor on paper, paper collage.