I am not sure how I feel about today’s watercolor, but it was the watercolor I painted today so I’m posting it. I also feel artistic experimentations (no matter the outcome) should have their chance to be exposed. I played with texture a little bit today, as well as process and format (I ripped some of the paper on the painting). My work was influenced by the beautiful lyrics of U2’s “Beautiful Day“. My youngest sister was reading the lyrics (click HERE for the full lyrics) in the car to me the other day. (It’s funny because when I was her age, that song was one of my favorites too). Since then, a particular verse stuck with me:

“See the bird with the leaf in her mouth/ After the flood all the colors came out”

I knew I needed to paint that. However I found myself painting it in too literal of a sense. So I added a lot of water to the whole thing, letting everything bleed into each other. I also shrouded the bird (see, too literal) I had painted in watery leaf-like forms. I also felt the need to tear and scratch at the nice borders I had created, in order to get a more organic feeling. Enjoy, and I hope you had a beautiful day!

Beautiful?. Watercolor and distressing on paper.