Day 32

Today I painted something I saw in my sleep. Usually the imagery in my dreams is very realistic, the only way I know I am dreaming is by the change in color (usually the colors are a bit washed out, and dreamier with darker darks and too light lights) or by certain breaches from reality. I don’t really remember what I was dreaming about in particular, but right before I woke up I saw these rolling clouds with eyes. This painting is literally the exact imagery I saw in my dream (except without the movement). I have never recorded or depicted imagery from my dreams before, nor have I had dreams with such ‘trippy’ images.  I find this all quite interesting, and wonder if I can further explore this. I also wonder if there is any symbolism at play in this imagery. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy today’s work and are having a glorious Saturday.

Cloudyeyes. Watercolor on paper.

Cloudyeyes. Watercolor on paper.

3 thoughts on “Day 32

  1. Hi Alena: Still enjoying your paintings. Maybe your dream was showing you there are lots of people looking at your beuatiful art! : ) If so, then two of those eyes are mine. kathyc

  2. Hope the other post didn’t sound creepy. Dreams are always fascinating by themselves, but interesting inspiration!
    I discovered bloglovin recently so have been following several artists blogs, yours included. I like your subjects. It’s encouraging to see what other artists are doing.

  3. Thanks Kathy for your always encouraging words! The post did not sound creepy at all, I am very glad to hear your opinions/feedback. (Also what an interesting take on my dream, I never would have thought of that!) Bloglovin is pretty awesome, it is such a convenient way to keep up with all the interesting blogs out there. On that note thanks for following my blog, I’m glad you are enjoying what you see. 🙂

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