Day 44

Untitled. Watercolor on paper.

Untitled. Watercolor on paper.

Happy Valentine’s day! Today is a day to love, and on that note today is the day that millions of women and men around the world are rising up together to stop violence against women with the campaign ONE BILLION RISING (you can click on the words in caps for a link to the campaign website). One in three women will suffer physical or sexual abuse in her life time. ONE IN THREE, that statistic is enraging! Which is why today we rise, because today we finally have had enough. We are OVER IT. (Again, you can click on the caps for a great link to why I’m “Over it”.) I am over all the violence and negativity in the world. We need to raise each-other up, treat each-other with respect, and love one another. When we debase, abuse, and cause suffering in others we are really hurting ourselves. Most importantly we need to teach others why violence is not okay, by education and just by setting a good example. C’mon, love one another!

Wishing you a lovely day.




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