Day 123

Today is Holy Saturday for us (we are Carpatho Rusyn Orthodox Christians). Every year my family and I color eggs together and it is my favorite thing to do out of all our traditions. So today two of our eggs I painted with watercolor. It worked just like paper! I was so surprised and it was supper fun. Yay!









4 thoughts on “Day 123

  1. Yes, likewise. We have an Orthodox church and community here where I live, which is unusual here in the west. Your paintings continue to be evolve and it’s interesting to all your followers. Love the purple wash today—and the woven grass!!! Oh..that is lovely! combining the weaving work and watercolor–not easy to accomplish, but what you did here works so beautifully!

    • It doesn’t surprise me, I used to think Orthodoxy was such a small religion but I’ve found that there are Orthodox churches in so many different communities all over the world. It’s funny how widespread it actually is ( all relatively, of course).

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