Day 138

Untitled. Watercolor on paper.

Untitled. Watercolor on paper.

Today’s watercolor was inspired by the idea that so many little particles of energy (cells) all come together to form an object. This is kind of an amazing concept if you really think about it. Just think of all the cells it takes to make up an object–like skin or a leaf –and then all the millions of  these objects that exist.  It’s frightening, and wonderful, and a miracle all at once. Hope you are having an amazing Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Day 138

  1. Interesting “quantum thoughts.” In fact, been listening lately to people speak about the quantum world—how particles respond, to being observed.

    • It’s such an interesting world to think about–it is it’s own entity in a sense but at the same time the foundation of everything we perceive. I think now that I am out of school for the summer I am going to look more into the subject, it’s so fascinating!

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