Today I am posting a photograph. (Because I did say in the beginning that I would post mostly watercolors, not all watercolors, AND I’m having a super off day today.) I am going to be kind to myself and let myself post this photograph instead of making a watercolor and fighting with the scanner and posting it this late at night.
Why am I doing everything last minute, you might think? Because I have no time… At least I feel like I have no time anymore. I work, and go to school, and work and go to school, and commute…when I can also do my homework and sometimes I will try to get in studio time outside of my class time. I am also doing my yoga teacher training (which is the best thing ever EVER ever) and trying to fulfill all of the requirements for that. Anyway, I don’t know how people balance it all, but figuring it out is a great learning process (although an exhausting one). Anyway I hope you enjoy this photograph, it gave me a minute to stop and reflect which is the whole point of these watercolors anyway.

On another note I would like to ask everyone to think about being kind to themselves. Think about it, we all treat ourselves so harshly and have these crazy personal standards we never would hold another person to. This keeps coming up for me. If I treat my self kinder can that help me treat others kinder as well?

Just something to think about! I hope I am being coherent and not too complain-y.
Hope you enjoy the photo!