Day 365

!!! Watercolor on paper.

!!! Watercolor on paper.


Happy New Year! I wish you all light, love, and happiness in 2014!

And…. YAY! CAN YOU BELIEVE 365 DAYS!?! I can’t believe it has already been a whole year. For real.  I’m so so so thankful for all of you who followed along! Thank you whether you started following from day one or day 364. This project has been fun and inspiring, and I won’t lie, at some times stressful. But I am grateful for every day of this experience and for the lovely chance to have a stress-free, no pressure, art-making time each day. Thanks everyone for your support, I am so grateful for this past year and am looking forward to a lovely 2014!

If you would like, stay tuned I have a different and fun project planned for this year as well!

Much Love, and again happy new year!

One thought on “Day 365

  1. Congratulations on a whole year… you have only just begun!
    to a happy and creative 2014, abz
    (year 2 of my “abz paperless sketchbook journal” ends on January 20 — I did not quite start at the beginning of the calendar year)
    I do believe some kind of mark each day is a way to stay healthy… and creative!

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