About me.

human being, artist, yoga teacher, always learner, student, feminist, ally and advocate, cat and dog mom, earth lover, passionate, curious, and grateful with every single breath.


About ‘A Watercolor a Day Keeps the Doctor Away'(January 2013- January 2014).

‘A Watercolor a Day keeps the Doctor Away’ was a studio project that I completed over the year 2013-2014. Upon starting the project, I had written a statement describing my inspiration and goals; “Recently I realized that I had not used watercolors for over six months. Although it is great to experiment with other mediums I cannot believe I had abandoned my watercolors for so long. My life had gotten so busy, I needed something to make me slow down. Something ritualistic and meditative. Something like taking the time to paint with my watercolors and create daily. By embarking on this project (365 days of art-making in mostly watercolor), I feel I can improve my mind, creativity and soul. Or simply just brighten each day. So here’s to 365 days with my lovely watercolors.”

‘A Watercolor a Day..’ ended up being such a great project. I found both space and discipline within it’s parameters. I loved that I could create an obligation to engage in stress-free and expectation-free studio practice every day. This project enabled me to find the space to remove the seriousness from my studio-practice and work with a medium that I love (but as you read, one I had moved away from). ‘A Watercolor a Day..’ was such a learning experience. Through this project I was able to see how a 365 day project could be rewarding, stimulating, and fun… but I also saw how it could be stressful and (at times) restricting. I found the greatest amount of stress within the means I had to document and upload my work. I was relying on a dinosaur of a scanner and it wasn’t always the easiest time.  All in all, I am grateful for the journey this project provided me with (but I don’t see another 365 project in the near future…but I will never say never, either).

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  1. This is a fabulous blog! Just found it and it is so inspiring! I just got back into watercolor myself and I can’t agree more that it is healing to the soul 🙂 keep up your beautiful work

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